Thursday, November 1, 2012

Next Stop On My Blog Tour

First things first: I am now back in New York City and am happy and grateful to report that we have power, food, WiFi, heat and water in our home. A lot are less fortunate and believe me, I don't take this for granted. I love my city and it hurts my heart to see it in such bad shape.

Still, we're slowly coming back to life. We managed to get a direct flight to JFK today and I was surprised by how, well, normal everything was. We landed on time. The runways were dry and not flooded at all. I expected chaos when we left, but there were plenty of taxis. Someone -- city workers and whomever else -- really did a great job in getting our area of Queens in shape. Now if we can start to rebuild those areas hardest hit...

Though Sandy is on my mind, I'm determined to get on with my life. So the next leg of my blog tour is at A BOOK SO FATHOMLESS. My post is about the challenges that come with writing teen characters when an author, like me, is pushing 40. Be sure to check it out and see how you can qualify for my special giveaway!

Meantime, please read and review REVENGE OF A BAND GEEK GONE BAD.

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