Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Writing A YA Novel: Coming Up With The Perfect Book Boyfriend

First up, some exciting news! Today, my Virtual Book Tour takes me to Blooding Book Reviews, where you can once again enter to win my giveaway of a book, signed CD and handmade pair of music earrings.

I've also joined Goodreads' Author Program and now have a Goodreads Author Page. If you regularly read this blog, a lot of the information is the same (hey, I have only so much to say about myself!). I've linked in this blog and also my bio posted. However, you can also chat with me in my Ask Naomi group. So if you have any questions for me about my books or my writing process, or anything else (APPROPRIATE questions, mind you), please friend me on Goodreads and ask away! The group will be open until December 14.

Revenge of a Band Geek Gone Bad

Meawhile, work on my next novel is going really well. I've written two chapters and am planning to write at least half of my third this evening (have to do something to keep busy before AMERICAN HORROR STORY comes on!). Last time, I had people edit my work after I'd finished, but this time, I'm having my friend Scott edit as I go along. He's so busy with his job, he never has time to read an entire book at once, but he does have time to read installments. So I'm sending him a chapter at a time and he's reading them in real time. It encourages me to actually get them finished since I know he's waiting for each chapter, and gives him something to read without the added pressure of finishing an entire book on a deadline. It's win-win. Once I'm finished, I'll send it to other friends to edit in its entirety, but this is a great way to keep it going.

As I'm writing, I've been thinking a lot about the idea of the "book boyfriend." This term comes up a lot on Goodreads as posters swoon over Twilight's Edward or Jacob, or The Hunger Games' Gale or Peeta. I've had plenty of "TV boyfriends" (BUFFY's Spike, for one) so I can understand the appeal of having someone to crush on. I'm hoping that as word gets out about BAND GEEK that readers will count Josh among their book boyfriends. I like to think that he's a pretty interesting guy, even if he is a troublemaker.

In this next book, though, my main character is gay -- which presents the challenge of creating a different sort of book boyfriend, at least for female readers. I want him to be a loveable, "dreamy" character, but not in the romantic sense ... and so I've had to really concentrate on depicting the deep friendship between him and my narrator without crossing over into romantic territory. It's been an interesting thing to work on and I hope that I bring as much life to this friendship as I did to Mel and Josh's relationship.

Who are YOUR favorite book boyfriends? Sound off in the comments -- or on Goodreads!

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