Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Real-Life Band Geek Moments

In my book, REVENGE OF A BAND GEEK GONE BAD, Melinda endures many "band geek" moments. She's picked on by her classmates, her pants split in the middle of the hallways and she blows an audition in front of the entire band -- causing her to lose first chair flute. While I've never personally gone through any of those things, I have had some real "band geek" moments of my own.

When I was in school, our high school jackets were really fashionable. Our school colors were black and yellow, and all of the cool kids wore jackets that had those colors, plus the school's name on the back. Most of these kids were also on some kind of sports team so their school jacket would say, "Sachem Soccer" or "Sachem Cheerleading."

I really wanted a jacket of my own so I asked my parents if I could get once that said, "Sachem Music" on the back. They agreed and bought me one for my next birthday. It was a beautiful fleece jacket that had my name embroidered on the pocket. It was comfy and warm -- and expensive. I couldn't wait to wear it to school and show it off.

As soon as I stepped into the school, the mocking started. I could hear the laughter all around me, "Sachem Music -- what a dork!" "You're only supposed to wear a jacket if you're on a sports team, not if you're a band nerd!" and so on. I wanted to curl up and die. I wished I could just burn the jacket, but it was freezing out so I had to wear it once again when I went home. I then hung it in the back of my closet and never looked at it again.

One of the things that I like about Melinda is that she eventually learns how to stand up for herself. I wish I'd done that back in high school. I really loved being in the band and was proud of my accomplishments. I just wish I'd had the guts to let my classmates know that.

I can't change the past without the help of a time machine, but I do have control over my characters' actions. Still, as an adult, I PROUDLY wear my band geek badge of honor!

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